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Site Setup Form

Getting your website set-up

Thank you for your order! You should only be using this form if you have paid for webhosting. You need to fill out the information below so we can get you installed. If you have any problems please submit an Info Ticket by 
clicking here.

If you do not have time to complete this form please bookmark this page and return ASAP to finish it.

Your First Name:
Your Last Name:

Daytime Phone Number (Include Area Code):

Your Mailing Address:
Your City: Your State or Area: Your Zip or Postal Code:

Your E-Mail Address:

If you received an email from PayPal, please enter your PayPal transaction ID for this purchase:

Important note about your domain names:
Below you will put in the domain names you want us to host for you. If you do not have all the domain names you can always submit them at a later time in our help section by putting in a 
info ticket. 

If you purchased a Custom Website package you are allowed 2 domains,
if Bronze Hosting, 5 domains,
and if Silver Hosting, 8 domains.

If you do not have a domain name you can register one at any registrar and point it to our server. If you want to save some money is a registrar where you can purchase your own domain name. We know them, use them, and they will save you some headaches. 

After you register your domain please point your nameservers to:

Primary nameserver:
Secondary nameserver:

If you want instructions on how to point your domain name to our server using, 
click here
What domain(s) will you be hosting with us:

Domain name 1:

Domain name 2:

Domain name 3:

Domain name 4:

Domain name 5:

Domain name 6:

Domain name 7:

Domain name 8:

Domain name 9:

Domain name 10:

Domain name 11:

Domain name 12:


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