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If you are a small business your budget will probably not allow $5,000.00 to $25,000.00 to have a complete custom website built. 

Now for only $19.95 per month we will become your personal webmaster. Here is what you will receive:

• Custom simple website with your company's information on a domain name owned by your company.
• Professional website design and maintenance.  Includes 1/2 hour of your personal webmaster's time each month.  Additional time is billed separately at $30/hour in 1/10th hour increments.
• We will host your website on an extremely fast internet connection.
• We will make simple changes for your company website as your company changes.
• We will provide a personal contact number to reach your personal webmaster when you need help.
• In addition, we will provide all of the features listed further down this page.

Contact us today and we will personally help you get your company website up and running in a very short time. Our contact information is on our "About Us" page.


Advanced Hosting
$19.95 per month.

• 300 Megs space

• 5 accounts each with its own domain name hosting, emails, ftp, mysql, subdomains, and more.

• Additional "Parked" domains may be added at no additional charge.

• 30 Gigs bandwidth

• 25 Email Addresses

• 25 Email Forwarders

• 25 Email Autoresponders

• 40 Sub Domains

• 3 MySQL databases

• 40 FTP accounts

• $50 set-up fee

• Pay Month to month

• Advanced Control Panel

• FrontPage Extensions

• Web Stats

• Log Viewer

• File Manager

• Backup Manager

• Password protect folders and files

• Cron Manager

• MySQL Manager

• Error Pages

• Pop email accounts

• Webmail program

•  PostgreSQL

All website packages are:

• Hosted on rack mounted servers

• Professionally managed

• No hops to the internet

• On an OC192 network that is 6446 times faster than a T-1

• 99.9% uptime

• 24 hour trouble ticket support.

• Linux OS

Click the "Subscribe" button below to order your webhosting package:



After you make your payment be sure to return to our set-up form to tell us how to set up your website. The link to the set-up page is also on the menu on the left hand side of our home page or at the bottom of any page on this website.

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