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Control Panel

All accounts (Basic or Advanced) receive a control panel that allows you complete control over your own websites.  If you already have a website with us, then login to your control panel by clicking here.  (You will need to know your username and password.)

Here are many of the features your control panel gives you:

  • Mail Manager. With Mail Manager you can add your own email addresses, change passwords to your email accounts, use aliases to forward emails to any other email account even aol, yahoo, etc., control what happens to your default account, (when someone sends you an email with the wrong email address you can forward it to a specific email account), and add autoresponders to your email addresses. 

    Your email is a pop account so you can use popular programs such as outlook express, pegasus, eudora, or you can use our web browser based email program. 

  • MySQL Manager With MySQL Manager you can create and control databases with MySQL without needing to use the command line. 

  • Cron Manager With Cron Manager you can change and add cron commands without needing to use the command line. 


  • Subdomain Manager With Subdomain Manager you can add and delete subdomains at just a click of a button. 

  • FrontPage Manager With FrontPage Manager you can add FrontPage extensions to any of your domains. 

  • Web Stats Web Stats lets you see who has been visiting your website, where they are from and when they visited in a graphical form. 

  • File Manager. The File Manager allows you to use a webbrowser based file uploader, create files and folders, edit files, change file permissions, and even create folders that are password protected. You also can allow or deny IP addresses from seeing your website. 

  • Log Viewer With the Log Viewer you can see system, apache error, mail, and cron logs from your webbrowser. 

  • Backup Manager With the Backup Manager you can backup your entire website with one click, creating a tar file that you can then download and store for safekeeping. You can also backup your MySQL databases in the same way. 

  • Password Manager With your Password Manager you can create directories that no one can view webpages or download files from unless they enter a username and password. 

  • Error Pages With your Error Pages Manager you can easily paste in HTML to any of your error pages. For example, if someone types in a website page that does not exist, normally you would get a webpage giving an error message. With this you can make those error pages anything you like, even a copy of your front page or links to any website you like. 


  • Change Password You can easily change the password to access your account at any time. 


  • FTP Manager With your FTP Manager you can add individual FTP accounts and restrict them to sub directories or sub domains. This can be quite handy if you have assigned friends, employees, or family members a subdomain and want to allow them access to files only in their sub domain.

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